2011 Events

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September 12th: The Crosbie Cup: Unfortunately due to storm force winds as a result of ex-hurriance katina the crosbie had to be canceled for 2011.

We will be in touch with all entrants as soon as we can with regard to the entry fee that they have paid.

Our next event is the training and End of Season event in Killaloe Co. Clare at the end of October. Further details by the end of this week.

IODAI Events

The online entry system for all of the regionals and the national championships has been setup. Please enter early.

Here is the process:

  1. Login using the link and your details that have been emailed to you.
  2. Edit your contact details: NB: Please make sure your club details (Initials only) are correct
  3. Edit your individual sailors details: Please correct DOB, Age Group, Sail Number, and Fleet
  4. Delete Sailors who have retired.
  5. Enter the regattas as required: Note that you will have to come back to the original screen separtely for each regatta.

The link to the event system is: http://www.sailracer.org/membership/login.asp?eventid=68314

Your logon details have been emailed to all members seperately.

To join IODAI please click on the membership link from the menu at the top of the screen.

General Information

IODAI run four regional championships consisting of 2 day events in each of the provences these are normally held in May & June of each year.
A special event for silver fleet sailors called the Crosbie Cup is held in July of each year.
Our main event of the year the National Championships was extended to five days in 2010 and is normally held in August of each year.
The season concludes with an End of Season event.

Attendance at two of the regional events and the National Championship is necessary in order to gain a ranking. For full details of the ranking system please Click Here.

IODAI hold a five day spring training event during the February mid-term break in 2011 it was held in Baltimore Co. Cork and will hold a new end of season event in Killaloe Co. Clare at the October midterm break details in the IODAI training section.
IODAI members will also be emailed a reminder coming up to an event.

Ulster Championship Notice:

Details of this years event’s are in the calendar below.< P>

We are restricted to launching ribs at RNIYC due to tide.

On Friday 25th launching can take place up to 1900. On Saturday 26th we can
not launch until 10am.


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