A Man, A Plan, A Van! We Can! And We Did!

Today was a great day!


On behalf of literally hundreds of families in Ireland (and many abroad), we presented Thomas Chaix with a check for €9999.29! to help him with the purchase of his new van.

This was an opportunity for all of us to say thank you (in a concrete way) to Thomas. Thank you Thomas for looking after Oppy and Laser sailors. Thank you for being a workhorse, moving boats and kids from A to B to C to A to C to B to A – and always doing so with a smile (at least a French version of a smile!). Thank you Thomas for looking after the U12, IDT, European, World Oppy teams, and for running the B Academy for the Lasers. Thank you Thomas for contributing to the warm ethos of our sailing community.
And – a heartfelt thank you to the hundreds of people who donated – from all around the world.
Thank you for your generosity! Well done everyone!


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