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Looking to find additional information regarding IODAI ? Go to the “MORE INFO” tab and lots of additional information is stored here. 4 recent committee decisions are:

REFUNDS: There are no refund for entries  for an IODAI event except in exceptional circumstances and with a medical cert. The committee may decide to issue a refund if notified up to 48 hours before the event.  After this deadline IODAI has to pay the hosting club for all entries hence refunds are not possible regardless of the circumstances. Notify [email protected]

Sail & Boat Measurement: Please note there is a charge of €25 for a sail measurement & €50 for a full boat measurement payable to the measurer.

Ranking process :
When a sailor misses as regional event as a result of representing Ireland as a member of the World, Euro, or ID Team, that sailor will be given their average placing in the other 4 national events (the Nationals and the other 3 regionals).

ISA Junior Helmsmans Trophy:

IODAI will nominate its sailors for the ISA youth National Championships based on finishing positions of the National Championships Senior Fleet, 1st Irish sailor = 1st nomination, 2nd Irish sailor = 2nd Nomination …  We do not yet know how many places IODAI will receive.



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