Amendment to Leinster Championships SI’s

Please note following amendment to the Leinster Optimist Championship Sailing Instructions:


Leinster Optimists Championships

National Yacht Club

9/10 September 2017

Amendments to Major Event Sailing Instructions 2017

Amendment No. 1

The Ribbon Colours is Paragraph 8 are changed as follows:-

Division Ribbon
Senior Purple
Junior Orange

*Please call to the race office to collect*


Amendment No.2

Attachment A – Courses

National & Regional Championships is changed as follows:

The paragraph ‘All marks to be left to port’ is deleted and replaced by:

‘All marks to be left to port except Marks 3a and 3b, or 4a and 4b, when they form a gate. At a gate boats shall pass between the marks, leaving 3a (4a) to starboard and 3b (4b) to port, then round either mark.’


Junior Fleet Course description is deleted and replaced by:

Junior Division Course

Start, Mark 1, 2, gate (3a and 3b), 2, 3b, Finish.



Senior Fleet Course description is deleted and replaced by:

Senior Division Course

Start Mark 1, gate (4a and 4b), 1, 2, 3b, Finish.



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