Munsters deal for first time IODAI Members

The Munster’s will take place over the weekend of September 10th & 11th in the Royal Cork Yacht Club, in Crosshaven, Co.Cork

You can enter now via the events page.


New to IODAI events?

The Munsters are the last International Optimist Dinghy Association of Ireland (IODAI) regional event of 2016. We have had a lot of queries from parents with sailors who would like to do the Munsters but have never done a regional event before.

Participation in regional events requires sailors to be members of IODAI. Membership is normally €60 but as a once off offer for sailors wishing to participate in the Munsters this will be reduced to €20 as this is the last event of the year.

Also an early entry discount of €60 for the Munsters applies if you enter by 10pm on Wednesday August 31st



If enter the Munsters before 10pm on Wednesday August 31st

Already a member of IODAI

IODAI Membership fee paid earlier in 2016

Munsters early entry fee of €60


New member of IODAI

IODAI membership €20 (once off until end 2016)

Munsters early entry fee of €60


Late entry fee of €120 applies if you enter after August 31st. Final closing date for the Munsters is Friday 2nd September at 10pm. NO EXCEPTIONS


So don’t miss out and enter today!








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Annual Membership


Annual Membership for 2021 is now open at €60 per sailor.  Click account page to join or renew.

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