Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th September 2018 

Tralee Bay Sailing Club – Fenit

These Supplementary Sailing Instructions are to be read in conjunction with IODAI Major Event Sailing Instructions available on IODAI.com


  1. The racing marks are the WIORA inflatable orange and cylindrical.

2. The notice board is located at the main entrance of the club

3. The shore flag pole is located to the West of the club and visible from the

boat park

4. The start line will be between a red and white pole on the committee boat

and a red and white pole on the pin end boat. The committee boat is a

Sigma 33 named Powder monkey and the pin end boat is a 5 meter motor

boat named Poseidon.

The Finish line will be between a pole on a Mary Fisher motor boat and a small

pink mark.

5. Two yellow markers will be placed about 50 meters to leeward of the

start line to identify the holding zone. When orange flag is displayed,

support boats and boats not racing must promptly sail towards the

holding area. Failure to proceed as such may lead to a Discretionary

Penalty (DP) for infringing boats.

When the race is started, support boats may proceed with care minimizing wash

around the course keeping well clear (100m) of any point a boat may be


6. There will be 2 racing Areas.

6.1 Race area A is located approximately Half a mile South West of the


6.2 Race area B is located East of the marina

7. VHF channels

7.1 Race management: 72

7.2 Safety: 77

8. Local hazards

8.1 There is a significant sand bank at low tide East of the marina walls

(Port side when you exit the marina)

8.2 The cliffs around the club are dangerous and climbing them is

hazardous (DP)

8.3 The area between the Lighthouse and the Northern shore is shallow

and rocky.

9. Two yellow markers will form a gate prior to return to the slip after

racing. Sailors must sail through the gate and follow instructions to

ensure an orderly return (DP)

10. Anchor point leaward of starting area with a blue fender.

11. Main Fleet Prizes: There are perpetual trophies for the winners of

each division.

The first 5 competitors in each of the

• Junior Silver,

• Junior Gold,

• Senior Silver and

• Senior Gold

The first 3 Girls in Junior Fleet and Senior Fleet

will also receive prizes.

An additional ‘Fair Sailing’ prize will to be presented to a sailor in the

Main fleet. An additional prize for the highest ranking local sailor will also

be presented.

Regatta Fleet Prizes: Merit badges/medals will be awarded to ALL Regatta

fleet participants. Prizes will be awarded to the best sailor U-12, U-11,

U-10, U-9, the best local sailor and the youngest sailor. Several fun or

novelty prizes will also be awarded to Regatta Fleet sailors.



Amendment 1

Appendix 16.3 (a)

16.3 (b) The decision of an arbitration hearing will be final. A 30% scoring penalty will be applied to a boat that has broken a racing rule of sailing. 

(amends appendix T 1.3)


Amendment 2

16.5 Addendum Q will apply: 

When an on the water judge witnesses an infringement of RRRS 2017 -2020 they will indicate the incident by blowing a whistle. This indicates that one or more competitors should take a voluntary turn.



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