Upgrades to Gold following 2018 Trials & Ulsters

The following sailors have been upgraded to Gold – Congrats all!

  • George O’Keeffe
  • Lauren O’ Callaghan
  • Rian Collins 
  • Matty Keane 
  • Ray O’Shea
  • Emmet Lucas 
  • Rory McMullin 
  • Lucia Cullen 
  • Peter Williams 
  • Joana Berry
  • Fiacra McDonnell
  • David McSweeney
  • Conor Stauton 
  • Edward Dempsey
  • Emily Conan
  • Alana Twomey 
  • Ben O Shaughnessy 

The reason for the Silver/Gold split is to provide recognition and encouragement for Irish sailors who are new and/or improving but who may not be achieving top results yet.

  1. All sailors start out as Silver when entering the Main Fleet (regardless of Junior / Senior).
  2. Prizes are given to the top 5 Silver finishers in both the Junior and Senior fleets at the four regionals and the National Championships.
  3. Upgrade from Silver to Gold — two possible paths:
    1. A sailor is upgraded to Gold after their second top 5 Silver finish in the four regionals and /or National Championships in the Main Fleet. For clarity, for most sailors, the two top 5’s will be in the same year in the same fleet (Junior or Senior) – but this is not required. The two top 5 finishes can be in different years and even in different fleets.
    2. A sailor is upgraded to Gold if they make and accept their place on a team (Worlds, Euros, IDTs, U12 Squad) at Trials. Attending trials does not result in an automatic upgrade.
  4. Once a sailor is Gold, they are Gold for the remainder of their Oppy career (i.e., they do not revert to Silver when moving from Junior to Senior).
  5. The Crosby Cup event is open to Silver sailors ONLY & Regatta fleet sailors.
  6. Foreign sailors registered at Irish events are considered Gold sailors.

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