Upgrades to Gold & Silver following RSGYC 2021

The following sailors have been upgraded to Gold and Silver following RSGYC 2021. Congratulations to all our sailors.

Junior (Bronze to Silver)

Marcus Shelley, 1st JFNat21, 4th JFRSG21
Louise Hanley, 2nd JFNat21, 3rd JFRSG21
Mae Byrne, 5th JFNat21, 2nd JFRSG21

Junior (Silver to Gold)

Andrew Mannion, 2nd JFNat21, 3rd JFRSG21
Dougie Venner, 3rd JFNat21, 2nd JFRSG21
Sarah Scott, 5th JFNat21, 1st JFRSG21

Senior (Bronze to Silver)

Suin Ni Choisteabha 3rd SFNAT21, 1st SFRSG21
Zita Temphany 1st SFNAT21, 3rd SFRSG21
Stan O’Rourke, 4th SFNAT21, 5th SFRSG21
Dylan Keane, 5th SFNAT21, 4th SFRSG21

Senior (Silver to Gold)

Jack Hanna, 4th SFC21, 3rd SFRSG21


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