Vice Presidents Trophy, NOR & Registration

The Optimist class Vice Presidents Trophy takes place next Friday, July 1st at Malahide Yacht Club.

The teams will be racing on the Broadmeadows, competing against each for the Vice President’s Trophy with races umpired by national & international race umpires.


Link to registration on MYC website:


Finding MYC:

Malahide Yacht Club is unique in the sailing world in that it has two separate clubhouses and two distinctly different sailing waters. Both the IODAI Vice-President’s Team Racing event and the IODAI Ulster Championships will be held on the inland Upper Estuary – known as the Broadmeadow Water – which provides ideal, non-tidal conditions for dinghy sailing, racing and sail training.

So if you are looking for directions to it on Google Maps look for Malahide YC, Broadmeadows, Co. Dublin.



 Friday 1st July 2016



1.1 The Organising Authority is Malahide Yacht Club and IODAI.


  1. RULES
  • The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), including Appendix D Team Racing Rules. The ISAF Call Book for Team Racing will apply.


  • Teams shall consist of four
  • Races will be umpired.
  • Sailing Instructions will be available at registration.


  • When registering, each team will designate a person in charge. This person shall be available at all times when competitors are on the water or ashore at the event venue.


  • CR 4.3(c) – paddle – shall not apply. Each competitor shall carry a whistle, which will not be supplied, securely attached to their personal buoyancy device (CR 4.2.a).


  • Team members shall be current members of IODAI.


  • The number of entries will be capped at Twelve Teams. Entries are accepted at the sole discretion of the Organising Authority.


  • All sailors competing on a team shall be current members of the Club that they are representing and, in the twelve month period preceding the event, have stated their membership of that Club when entering IODAI events. The Organising Authority reserve the right to accept entries from teams composed of sailors from more than one Club,


  • provided it is satisfied that the sailors would otherwise be denied the opportunity to compete in the event.


  • The members of the team shall be born in 2001 or later.


  • Each team shall be made up of four sailors (maximum 3 of the same gender).


  • Entries will be considered upon receipt of the completed entry form and accompanied by the entry fee of EUR 200. Cheques are to be made payable to the IODAI account. Entries are to be submitted to David White,


  • All boats must comply with the IODA Class Rules and IODAI prescriptions.


  • Registration for the event will take place at 8.00 to 9.30a.m on Friday 1st July 2015 at Malahide YC’s Broadmeadows’ Clubhouse.


  • Briefing for competitors will be held in the vicinity of Malahide YC at 9.45 on July 1st. First warning signal is scheduled for 10.30a.m.


  • The proposed format of the racing will be announced at the briefing prior to racing. Where racing is to be conducted in flights, the Organising Authority shall decide on the allocation of teams to flights. Flights may be seeded at the discretion of the Organising Authority.


  • The Organising Authority reserve the right to vary the format to take the conditions into account. This right extends to running racing on a fleet basis with the number of boats per team restricted to a specified number. Changes to the format will be communicated to the teams whilst afloat.  Notice given to a member of a team shall be deemed to be notice given to the entire team.


  • Teams may be allocated colours for identification purposes. Ribbons of the appropriate colours issued to competitors shall be flown from the peak of the sprit.


  • Racing will be umpired where possible. All team members will be required to provide their own protest flags. RRS Appendix D, Rule D2.3(a) and Rule D2.3(b) shall both apply.


    • Sailing Instructions will be issued at Registration.


  • The racing area will be in the vicinity of Malahide Yacht Club on the Broadmeadows’ Estuary.



7.1     Scoring will be in accordance with RRS D2.



8.1             Adequate personal flotation devices and wet or dry suits shall be worn by all competitors at all times when afloat, except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment.


9                 SUPPORT BOATS

9.1            All Support Boats must register at the Race Office.

9.2            There may be a briefing for Support Boats, which will be indicated at registration.


10               PRIZES

10.1             The winning team shall be awarded the Vice-President’s Trophy and members of both the winning team and the runner up team shall receive commemorative awards. The Organising Authority may award other prizes at their discretion.


11            INSURANCE

  • Each boat competing shall be adequately insured against loss, damage or injury to persons, boats or equipment at all times and howsoever occurring and shall be covered by third party insurance cover providing an indemnity of not less than one and a half million Euros for any one accident. All owners/guardians/parents/competitors who sign the entry form are deemed to have made a declaration that they have such cover.



12.1             Competitors participate in the Championship entirely at their own risk and responsibility. See Rule 4, Decision to race.


  • The Organising Authority and any other party involved in the organisation of the Championship will accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss or claim, whether personal or material, incurred by or inflicted to competitors to take part in the races. The person in charge shall sign the declaration of participation on entry.



13.1            Boats shall display the event advertising as supplied by the Organising Authority.


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