There have been a few adjustments regarding the Winner Team for 2018.

There will be a new team selected by WINNER OPTIMIST and There will also be the “traditional team” selected by DinghyPerformance under the guidance of Winner Optimist.

Currently not available.  As soon as DinghyPerformance have pictures, they will be posted however the 2018 colour scheme will be Orange.

How many can join the teams? 

Sailors in top three at the worlds and the winner of the European will get this offer. No Irish sailor unfortunately were that high up in 2017, however Winner Optimist will open this team up to 10 extra sailors with a selection done by WINNER OPTIMIST. Any sailor can apply, provided they have sailed the Worlds at least once.  Deadline for filling the online form is November 20th. After this date the selection process will be closed.

This team is the traditional one. Any sailor can apply and the final selection will be endorsed by DinghyPerformance and Winner Optimist. As a guidance, In Ireland we aim at selecting our best Junior, best Senior and best Girl on ranking.  2017 members having had a solid season or a sailor with outstanding international results may be prioritised over the above criteria. 
Deadline for filling the online form is November 20th. 

Please note the number of sailors for Ireland has traditionally be 3, BUT this is dependent on the number of boats DinghyPerformance sell each year for WINNER. DinghyPerformance are currently 1 boat short so can only GARANTY ONE TEAM BOAT at this point of time but would hope to be OK to propose 3 boats shortly.

Winner Team Prices in 2018:

  • WWT18 team boat 2.400,- euro ex vat
  • WT18 team boat: 2.800,- euro ex vat
  • Packing cost: 50,- euro ex vat plus shipping cost
  • Possible to add a J or Olimpic sail at the discounted price of 285, -euro ex VAT

Team package

  • One DenMark 3D hull in extra high quality and special design.
  • Incl. One design foils from N1 or DSK
  • Incl. Rig system, choose between Black, Gold or Optimax.
  • Optiparts trolley with big light wheels and safety lock.
  • WINNER bailers and paddle.
  • WINNER luxury covers.
  • WINNER jacket, shirt, cap.

Interested sailors can fill this form before November 20th 2017


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