Ulsters – Important Information for those attending

Welcome to the Ulster Optimists Championships at Royal North.

Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club is looking forward to welcoming all Optimist sailors, parents and support teams for the Ulster Optimist Championships.  We hope that the following information will help you to enjoy the event and our club facilities to the full.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated to help the event run as smoothly as possible.

Arrival and One way system:  (See map available by clicking this linkrniyc-map  Space around the club premises is limited.  We would be obliged if you would comply with these instructions and any directions given by welcome volunteers on the day.

Please approach the club via the normal approach down Cultra Avenue.  With the cooperation of the Police and our residential neighbours we will have several hundred yards around the club sealed off for use by event competitors.  A voluntary one-way system (down Cultra Avenue and then eastwards along Seafront Road) will operate within this area so that those with boat trailers do not have to reverse.

Unloading:  On arrival you will be directed to an unloading area at the sea wall.  Please be ready to unload your boat unto its launching trolley.  As soon as the boat is unloaded, sailor and boat will be directed into the club yards where the boat will be parked.  Space is tight so sailors are asked to please park their boats as directed.  The unloading area will be extremely busy so please be prepared to remove cars and trailers immediately.  Sailors can look after their boats while drivers clear the unloading area of their cars and trailers.

Parking:  There is ample on-street parking in the area around the club.  Please be considerate to our neighbours and do not block driveways or park on grass verges etc.

Road trailers:   A road trailer parking facility will be provided several hundred yards from the club.  It is advised that a locking device is applied to your trailer.  Again space is limited here so if convenient it would be appreciated if road trailers (especially RIB trailers) could be removed completely from the event area.

RIBs – Safety Boats:  Royal North will provide a large fleet of safety boats for the event.  To reduce congestion on the slipway, these will all be in the water early on the morning of the event.

RIBs – Support boats:  Additional support RIBs are most welcome at the event and add to the safety of all sailors.  Supports teams bringing their own RIBs may launch at Royal North slipway but please be aware that launching must take place on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning BEFORE 11 am OR after all sailors have gone afloat.  A tractor and driver will be available to launch your RIB but please be prepared to remove your road trailer from the slipway as soon as possible.  At the end of the event, after all sailors are safely ashore, the tractor and driver can again assist with recovery of your RIB.  Please follow all instructions from the tractor driver/volunteers and remove your RIB from the slip immediately it is recovered.

Safety note:  Please note that young sailors are not permitted in the slipway or road area when the tractor is operating.

Moorings are available (free of charge) at Royal North.  Visiting RIBs should use designated visitors moorings which have a BLUE HAND BUOY!!

All Support boat owners / drivers are asked to register with the sailing office and attend a short briefing from the Safety coordinator which will be held immediately after the sailor briefing.

Boat trolleys:  Please ensure that your trolley is serviceable and that tyres are fully inflated.  To ensure a speedy recovery from the water on Saturday, communal trolleys will be used for all fleets.  On Sunday, recovery will be a bit slower to ensure that everyone is given their own trolley.  Please be patient and comply with all instructions given by safety boat and slipway volunteers.

Boat covers etc.:  Please ensure that all boat covers, foil covers, spar covers etc. are clearly marked for identification (e.g. boat number).  It will not be possible to return boats to the same slot after racing.  A deposit area for covers etc. will be provided.  Any covers etc. left lying in the yard after launch will be moved to this area.  Support teams may wish to look after their own covers etc. while their sailors are on the water.

Volunteers:  Royal North members will provide a huge resource of volunteers over the weekend but we would still ask for some parent volunteers.  We will have volunteers at the water’s edge to assist launching and recovery but we would appreciate some help with removing boat trolleys from the launch area on the slipway.

Similarly, at the end of racing each day, it may be low water and although our slipway isn’t particular steep we will have very young and very tired sailors pulling heavy boats up what will seem like a long hill.  Our volunteers will assist them to recover their boats from the water but if supports teams would be on hand to give a few sailors a helping hand up the slipway it would be appreciated.

Catering:  Royal North offers full service restaurant throughout the duration of the event.

Competitors will be provided with a hot drink or snack food immediately they come off the water.  They do not require a ticket as these always prove awkward – it’s enough that they look like a sailor i.e. still in their wetsuit and lifejacket.  It is not intended to be a full meal, just something hot to warm them up or keep them going until proper mealtime.

From Friday evening right through to Sunday afternoon our caterers, Charthouse, can provide the following:

  • Friday afternoon / early evening: Casual dining, lunches, snacks etc.
  • Saturday lunchtime until early evening: Casual dining, lunches, snacks etc.
  • Friday evening/ Saturday evening: Full restaurant service, ala carte menu.  Best to book.  028 90424352.
  • Saturday and Sunday morning: Tea and coffee facilities for parents and support teams.


RNIYC would like to thank the following companies and organisations for the support in running the event:

LeaversGear, Hi Vis vests

Ridgeway, safety fencing and barriers

Charthouse Catering



Our Sponsors


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